Kara in partnership with Safaricom Ltd held a successful forum in Mombasa to discuss security challenges at the Coast and how technology can be applied to fight insecurity.

This was the second forum under the Kara-Safaricom usalam mitaani initiative. The well attended forum was addressed by key Mombasa County leaders led by the Senator Hon. Omar Hassan; County Commissioner Mr. Maalim Mohamed and Maj (Rtd) Mohamed Morowa, Security Advisor to the Mombasa County Governor. Safaricom Regional Director Mr. Steve Okeyo and Kara Vice Chairperson, Dr. Esther Getambu also addressed the forum.

The County Commissioner Mr. Mohamed stated that the Government has put in place adequate measures to ensure that security of Mombasa residents is not compromised. He said that the police are ready to join hands with Residents Associations in the fight against insecurity and challenged the Associations to support their local police and share information regularly. He warned the emerging criminal gangs in the County that they would be crushed and called on parents to ensure that their children keep off crime. “We have deployed enough security officers in areas with rising cases of insecurity and they are doing a good job. We have also increased frequency of meetings between security agencies and other stakeholders as a way of enhancing sharing of information and developing joint strategies for addressing insecurity.” He urged the County Government and Members of Parliament to use part of CDF money to put up CCTV cameras in all parts of Mombasa County to strengthen the fight against insecurity.

Mombasa Senator urged citizens to hold the national government accountable for security because the function was not devolved. He noted that technology is one of the holistic approaches to addressing insecurity but should not be an end in itself. He challenged Counties to carry out security needs assessment and develop strategies that are appropriate for their needs. Mr. Okeyo pointed out that the fight against insecurity in the world is largely technologically driven and Kenya should therefore embrace technology. Dr. Getambu challenged the Government to work with Residents Associations in addressing security challenges. The Associations should also embrace technology such as use of whatsapp groups to share information and mobilize action whenever necessary.

Participants at the forum expressed concern that there are parts of Mombasa County where the level of insecurity is so high and residents are being robbed and killed on a regular basis. They agreed to partner with the police and share intelligence information that can be used to apprehend the culprits.