Kara has partnered with Safaricom Ltd to provide platforms for the public, experts and government to discuss and share ideas on how best to address various security challenges in Kenya.

Under the partnership, forums will be held in Nairobi, Nyeri, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu and Kakamega. The Nairobi forum was successfully held on 31st May 2016 and attended by Kara members, leading security experts, business people, media among others. The forum was addressed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Francis Gachira (who read the Inspector General’s statement) and Safaricom Ltd’s Sales and Regional Operations Director, Mr. Steve Okeyo and Industrialist Dr. Manu Chandaria

Mr. Okeyo stated that the advancement of technology had opened many possibilities in the security sector that has been the driving force for crime prevention in Kenya. He said that technology has assisted law enforcement agencies to fight crimes and facilitated law and order. For instance the installation of1800 CCTV surveillance cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa has contributed hugely in addressing security issues. For instance police were able to recover in a span of 24 hours 69 vehicles that were reported to be stolen, through the surveillance system.

He pointed out that Safaricom had embarked on various initiatives to combat insecurity, for instance, educating customers on the numbers to dial in case of suspicion of fraud. By texting a fraudster's number to 333, investigation can be carried out and the fraudster apprehended. He added that the company had began a pilot project on street lighting using solar power and have also established Wifi hotspots in Nairobi City. Mr. Okeyo appealed to Residents Associations to cooperate with Safaricom in installation of communication infrastructures such as Base Transmission Stations and fiber optic cables in order to enhance quality services.

Mr. Gichina on behalf of the IG said that the National police service was investing appropriately in modern technology to fight crime. He pointed out that a number of projects have been initiated after the country experienced a series of terror attacks. For instance all emergency calls from across the country are now received at one central place. He said that the new Integrated Communication Command and Control Center has changed police approach in fight against crime. For instance, the surveillance cameras installed in Nairobi and Mombasa have assisted in monitoring live activities and therefore seen a reduction of criminal activities in the areas covered.

He also stressed out that the system had provided police officers radio handsets that have 4G capabilities i.e. can be used to make calls as well as record videos that can be streamed live at the center. He said that the facility came in handy during the high level visits to the country by President Barrack Obama and Pope Francis. He also said that a new modern forensic laboratory is being constructed and would assist them in providing forensic evidence to the courts.

Dr. Chandaria urged the public to take an interest on their personal security and also working closely with the police by reporting any suspicious activities within their surroundings. He said that many crimes go unnoticed within neighborhoods because residents fail to speak up or report them to the police. Majority of them also do not care about the welfare of their neighbors.