As part of efforts to strengthen collaboration with members and provide platform for sharing ideas on diverse service delivery issues, Kara periodically organizes Residents Associations Chairpersons’ Forum.

The latest forum was held on 20th April 2016 at the secretariat offices and attended by Chairmen of various Residents Associations. Also present at the forum were senior officers from Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

The issue of grabbing/interference with public spaces dominated the discussions and it was agreed that the Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development in collaboration with the National Land Commission will partner with Residents Associations in identifying, reporting and ensuring that the public spaces revert to the community and is put into proper use. NEMA was challenged to enhance its effectiveness and ensure proper enforcement of environmental laws. A number of incidences were raised where NEMA gave approval for development despite objection from the public.

On new legislations impacting residents associations members were urged to take a keen interest on the following: Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Bill, 2014; Estate Agents Amendment Bill; Urban Areas and Cities Act – under review; County Governments Act 2012; The Nairobi City County Public Participation Bill, 2015; The Nairobi City County Regularization of Developments Act, 2015; The Nairobi City County Solid Waste Management Act, 2015.
It was agreed that the Chairperson’s Forum be held quarterly to enhance sharing of ideas and joint seeking of solutions to some of the service delivery challenges affecting Kenya residents. Social media platforms will also be used to enhance communication among members.